No more resetting my modem. No Frustration. Now free from lagging.I'm so impressed with the speed & price.


Also using Maxis Fibre and have not had a problem with gaming. That said, I am not interested in DOTA, LoL, Counterstrike, or any other sort of game that is hosted on that site which I can't mention on without its name being changed to something else so I can't really say for certain if it will affect you. I heard they have crappy routing arrangements for certain servers which is why the ping is bad but it mostly doesn't affect me considering the games I play.They don't throttle speed . My downloads still go at full speed.  That's peak gaming time and the last thing I need is to have pr0n downloads or k-drama fans congest the network.


The Fiber connection from Maxis basically gives us a lot of speed. Previously we were stuck to one person using the internet and the other person was not able to use it because of limited capability. Right now all of us use it at a same time. I read the news what's happening in the US, financial market and so forth.  My son does his research and after that he plays games online.  My wife does a lots of video streaming.  She enjoys Korean movies and so forth. Access to information online needs to be easy as possible.  I think Maxis Fibre internet provides us with that capability and ease of use.

Tan Kok Khuan
Fibre Family Man

Previously with my old connection ,even just looking at pictures,it kept stalling so i thought it's about time to change. I chose Maxis, subscribed and went straight home to test it.  I opened a HD Video and it played straight away, no lag or hang.  So I was like wow that's amazing. When I went back to the office, we were using normal internet line, it was insanely slow!  This couldn't continue so i told my boss that we had to change to Maxis in the office.  My boss wasn't convinced in the beginning, so I told him to come to my house and see for himself. He came and was impressed. He called Maxis straight  away and get the office connected.  He's is still using it until now.

Fiber User at Home and office

The whole house is with wifi!  We can connect at any corner of the house. My wife and me are using i-Phone and we have 2 laptops and thinking of getting an i-Pad.  My daughter will loves to have the iphone, as she loves to watch YouTube.  She will be watching and singing along with the kiddy songs like Twinkle-twinkle ,ABC songs from YouTube.  With such a great connection, we do not have to fought over the internet line anymore.

Proud Fiber Parents
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